Exciting news!

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But first, this cutie:


This is Luna, and she’s belongs to the lovely hellsingcountess. She stayed with me for a couple of months while I learned her size. She falls into that not quite YoSD but not even remotely MSD category of about 27cm. It was finally time to send her back home to her dolly-mama with a cute little outfit and matching bows.

Now for the REALLY exciting news. I have a new job. :D Long story short, my old one was sucking my soul out, and after a series of really successful interviews with what I hope is a wonderful company, I will be starting my new work on April 1st. Now, here’s what this means for my lovely commission customers! I have this week off of work. I am doing everything in my power to get to as much of my commission work as possible. Sylvyr and I are also looking at apartments and planning to move. The more I can get done, the better. Bear with me while we work through this muddle. This is a really exciting opportunity for me, and hopefully, it’ll mean better things overall. I just wanted to let all of you know so that as we worked through things, you were all in the loop. I will be sending out individual emails as well, and if you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to let me know.

Stay tuned!


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Post Con Update

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Hello everyone!

First of all, to everyone that we met and talked to at the con, thank you for stopping by our table! We were glad to meet you, your dollies and geek out with you! Katsucon is always such a good con for us, with lots of talented artists, beautiful cosplayers, and of course you wonderful doll owners that take the time to visit us. We hope that we’re able to come back and visit next year!


It’s been a bit of a roller coaster since we got back though. Pretty much everyone in the entire studio, with the exception of MCalhen (who didn’t get to go to this con) ended up with some kind of plague. It made the drive back home a lot longer than it should have been, and eventually resulted in me going to the ER last Friday night.

Unfortunately, this means that any commissions or things I had intended to pick back up when I got home were dropped to the wayside while I choked down antibiotics and got through the worst of it. Almost two weeks later, and I’m finally starting to feel normal. Heather is still a little behind me on the mend but working on it. I think we’ll finally be able to get back up and running this weekend. I sincerely apologize to everyone that has commissions waiting on us, and I promise we’ll be going at full throttle as soon as humanly and healthily possible.

Be on the lookout for some updates to come, especially as we move into the weekend. I’d really like to get back to playing with dolls very soon. Again, thank you all for the support, and we’ll be back with updates very soon!


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Rival Hearts Commission

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Good evening, friends! Coming at you again with another commission post. This time, the commission is for the lovely artist and co-author of the webcomic Rival Hearts! She and I started writing the project at the beginning of 2011, and while real life has slowed us down, we haven’t given up on it, and we will be showing off the resin muses of our two main characters at Katsucon next month.


So without further ado, meet KD and Ria! KD is a Resinsoul Song and Ria is a 5StarDoll Ji.


Don’t be fooled by the cover. Things have happened. People were injured.


Clothing needed to be changed!


And their doll counterparts need to be appropriately dressed for where they are in the story. So here we are! The patterns and fabric pulls for their new clothes for the next chapter of the story.


KD’s tunic is going to be done using an Asian inspired design, as you can see from the Simplicity pattern. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to put him in a dress, though I can only guess he’d wear it with a laugh and still carry on like a BAMF, so it’s all good.) I’m going to modify one of the shirt patterns for him. Ria is going to get a lovely little medieval inspired costume as you can see pictured in the upper right hand side. Since they spend a lot of time outdoors in the forest, some woodsy, non-flashy fabric colors have been chosen. I’ve been dying to put Ria in red, so this is my chance.

Stay tuned! There will be more updates to come! And if you want to get caught up on the comic before Katsucon, you can find it HERE.

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Attack on Titan – Levi Commission

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We’re a little over two weeks to Katsucon and busily working to get ready. While we’re preparing stock, we’re also working on commissions. One of them is Levi from Attack on Titan. Otherwise known as this guy:


I’ve never seen the series, so all I really know about him is that he’s short, he likes to clean things, and he kills giant uncanny valley type monsters while flying through the air wearing bondage straps. Okay, then. Let the fun begin!

This is Livi. He will be my model.


Livi is a Fairyland MiniFee Shushu on the newest DollZone 1/4 body. Which means he exactly matches the body type for the doll this commission is for.


The first thing you’re going to see are the boots we spec’d out for the commission. These are DollHeart MS000497 MSD shoes. As you can see, the DZ legs are a bit on the slender side, leaving some gap in the boots. This is good, as the pants and those weird straps will need to be tucked into the boots. Though they don’t go as high to the knee, the flap in the front is a pretty close match.


Lastly for this post, here is the first fabric pull for the commission. I’m going to go with a white knit for the pants, green cotton for the cloak and a faux suede material for the apron under the belt at the hips. I’ll be making a run to settle on the brown for the coat and pick up the leather for the straps and that will be in the next update for this commission.


I couldn’t help the pose. :D Stay tuned for more on this and other updates to come!

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Speeding to the new year

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Hello everyone! It sure does feel like 2013 sped by and now it’s just about 2014. A lot of exciting things happened this year, and there are even more to come soon!

The St. Louis BJD Convention was a wonderful experience yet again for us. The con is in its second year, and Crimson Chimera was warmly welcomed and treated wonderfully. We were able to connect with other wonderful vendors and dolly craftsmen. It might have been small, but it was mighty, and we participated in couture contests, tea parties and different crafting workshops. I highly recommend that if you’re able to get to it, it’s a wonderful weekend spent with awesome doll folks.

Before heading out to the con, we worked on a couple of new things. Including customizing our wa-loli pattern to not only accommodate 65+ BDJ girls (like SuperGem and DollZone) but also went teeny tiny for Monster High ladies! It’s exciting because in addition to our resin kids, Sylvyr and I have a great fondness for Monster High (especially wishing that they were around when we were kids). So now we have wa-loli patterns in Monster High, YoSD, MSD, SD, and SD13/17/SuperGem.

Sylvyr also managed to work on some faces and customization, including the lovely lady pictured above. She is a Luts Lishe on a SuperGem body, and some mods were done to the neck to make it workable, but the resin match is wonderfully perfect and completes a grail doll for me.

In the next couple of weeks, there are going to be some changes to the website. The theme will probably be updated, and in addition, I’ll be working on ways to make the galleries more streamlined and easy to look at.

For now, you can see our Clothing Gallery and our Aesthetics Gallery by clicking the links here or on the sidebar.

Last but not least, Crimson Chimera will be going to Katsucon! If you’re going to be there, please stop by with your dolls and say hello! We’re hoping to have some new items on the table for you to browse and we’re always happy to chat bjds and anime. We might even have some cosplay surprises up our sleeves as well. Hope to see you there!

This might be it before we slip into the holidays. There are a ton of family obligations at this time of year, but if you want more on the spot updates, please check our Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr!


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Time to be awesome…

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Today’s awesome brought to you by coffee.

Later today, there will be updated faceup pictures and hopefully some sewing successes. Happy Sunday!


WIP Land!

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The completed faceups from last week are up in Sylvyr’s aesthetics gallery. Here is a glimpse of this week’s work:

Meanwhile, I’m working on Sakura cosplay from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

Stay tuned! There’s more to come!

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Zoom zoom!

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Where did the time go?! One minute it’s summer, and the next minute, we’re into October!

Well, we certainly have a bunch of great things coming up in the next couple of months. Not only are we working on commissions for both clothing and faceups, but we are busily preparing stock for upcoming shows.

First up, Crimson Chimera will be teaming up with Camelot Enterprises in the Steampunk section of Nightmare on Chicago Street. If you’re in the Chicagoland area, come find us in Elgin, IL on Saturday, October 26, 2013. We will have various feathers and flair from Camelot, including fans, cloaks, hairpieces, masquerade masks and more. In addition to that, Crimson Chimera will have dolls on display in steampunk regalia and a small supply of stock on hand, should you be in the mood to pick up a Halloween treat for your dolly. We hope to see you there!

Next, we are absolutely delighted to be a part of the St. Louis BJD Convention for its second year November 15-17, 2013. There are no words for how wonderful and welcoming this BJD community is, and we are excited to return and spend another lovely weekend there. If you missed it last year, there’s still plenty of time for you to get involved for 2013. The organizers have arranged for great guests of honor, a plethora of activities throughout the convention and even contests to enter your dolls in or just show them off for a weekend. We will have an assortment of handmade clothing from Rikka, knitted items from Kijin, aesthetic offerings from Sylvyr and cuddly plushies from MCalhen Creations.

Definitely stay tuned on progress as we get ready for these shows. We’ve got a lot of great stuff coming!


Where is the summer going?

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Hello everyone!

It certainly has been awhile since our last update. I’ll never get tired of saying that I wish real life stopped interfering with all my dolly plans. XD

It’s summer, so you know what that means… Sylvyr and I are doing our 9 week run at the Bristol Renaissance Fair. This year has seen a lot of attendance and energetic crowds, which is always uplifting after a long week. Sometimes, I wish I could bring my sewing machine up with me and sew, but that’s what I have the week for…when I’m not sleeping. Occasionally, that’s important too.

What this means, however, is that the amount of time I have to work on clothing commissions is drastically reduced, as I did the majority of my sewing on the weekends. I’m actually a little further behind than I’d like to be with everything going on, but I’d like to ask that everyone I’m working with have a little bit of patience with me. As always, if there are any questions or anything you need, please email me. You can follow both Ren Fair and dolly escapades in other places:


I think you’ll all understand why I say I can’t wait for September. Hope everyone has been doing well, and thanks for sticking with us in this crazy time.


We’re Back!

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Just a quick note to say that we’ve returned from AnimeCentral, and thanks everyone who stopped by to talk to us! We had a most excellent time and came home with some wonderful new contacts and five new commissions! Be on the lookout for updates coming in the near future!

Here is the Crimson Chimera Commission Schedule thus far!

Slot 1: Non-DoA Commission – MSD dress and coat
Slot 2: Non-DoA Commission – MSD Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Moon
Slot 3: Non-DoA Commission – MSD Red Kanji wa-loli (ACen)
Slot 4: Non-DoA Commission – YoSD Blackbird wa-loli (ACen)
Slot 5: Non-DoA Commission – Ashton Drake/MSD Alice in the Country of Hearts cosplay (ACen)

If there’s anything you might be looking for to clothe your BJDs, please feel free to email us.