Vintage Dress/Jacket – Walkthrough #1

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Vintage Dress/Jacket

Walkthrough #1

So to get myself back into the swing of sewing regularly for the dolls, I’m working on something for a bjd in our collection while I’m finishing up commissions. I’m going to work on a vintage dress/jacket pattern for an SD. My model is a very special modded Delf girl, who has some very unique measurements.

When I want to make something complicated, I always start with a real pattern, designed for a full-sized adult. Now, normally, I just hand draw the pieces from the instruction booklet and wing it without ever taking out the pattern itself, but this time I’m trying a different approach. I enlarged a copy of the section that shows all the pieces on my dinky little home printer, then went to my dining room table so I could spread out the actual patterns.

From there, I noted approximately where all the darts, circles and triangles were that would give me an idea where things were tucked/pinned/attached. They’re not going to be exact because every doll body is different, and I want some freedom to adjust but not totally go in blind pretending I know where to dart something. Another thing the plain booklet doesn’t tell you is how many pieces you’ll need of something, and while most of it is pretty easy to guess, noting that as well just saves time so you cut everything you need on the first try.

After doing that with every piece, regardless of whether I’ll use it for this specific project or not, I went over the special marks with a bright, easy to see fine sharpie color. And now I’m set to start drawing the muslin mockup!

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Experiment time!

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About to attempt merging the Crimson Chimera tumblr and this website so that the posts are shared. I really hope this works, so keep your fingers crossed!


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WIP Killua commission. Pants are lined because broadcloth is sometimes seethru on resin and because the little bastard rolls the cuffs and they’re a different color than the pants. *keysmash*

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Hand-painted doll jewelry box.

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So while I was sewing commissions, Sylvyr was making dolly jewelry boxes. Hand painted and lined, the one for Nemesis is done.

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These sweaters. I just can’t. XDDD

Chaliss ~ Fairyland MiniFee Karsh

Rodan ~ Farlan MiniFee Kyle Tyr

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This is it. This is the titan. Prepare to go down.

WIP Attack on Titan/Levi Ackerman Commission

Model: Olivier ~ Luts MiniFee Shushu hybrid on DollZone new 1/4 Boy Boy

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Flamel ~ Luts MiniFee Lishe

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Aetherian ~ Oceanmoon HwaLan #bjd #abjd #oceanmoon #hwalan #dolls #dollstagram #dolladay #dollsofinstagram #instadoll

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Hello, 2015!

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Happy New Year, everyone!

Crimson Chimera, or more importantly – the people behind it – have gone through a lot of changes. 2014 wasn’t bad, because sometimes when people have talked about how rough the year was, it’s almost entirely negative. But it was challenging, and I learned a lot of things from it.

First of all, to those I have taken commissions for and you have been waiting: you have my deepest apologies. I got so excited and took on so much, with the thrilling prospect of making so many things come to life. After changing jobs and having to move into a new apartment, then take a second job to help even out all the expenses, everything that was my creative outlet started falling apart. Real life took a chokehold, and while I tried very hard to stay afloat, knowing that people – complete strangers who had paid me to make them things – were counting on me, I couldn’t do it. I fell behind. And if any of you have ever fallen so terribly behind that the prospect of getting caught up seemed hopeless, that was where I was. I was scared to send emails saying I had gotten no further, I got anxious at the very idea of failing anyone, including myself. The funny thing about anxiety is that you even shy away from the source, and it makes it seem impossible to dig yourself out.

I find myself, over a year later, so very disappointed in myself. But now that I’ve received my end of the year review at the new job and know that I’m in for the long haul, now that I’ve cut my hours back at my second job, now that I think I know how to handle all the nuances of our new home, I’m ready. Thank you so much for sticking with me. For sticking with me and my lovely partner/wife. Once these commissions are done, we’re going to start immersing ourselves in the community again, rekindle our love for this hobby and the people in it and all the magical things that happen when you have dolls and creativity in your life.

Thank you again for sticking with us, and here’s to a beautiful 2015!