About Crimson Chimera

Crimson Chimera is the hobby-turned-handmade-business run by me (Rikka) and my wife Sylvyr. It started back around 2010-2011, when I shared my budding love for BJDs with the love of my life by buying her one of her own. As a casual cosplayer, I'd been sewing for a few years by then, and Sylvyr has always had a knack for both painting and tiny details. It was a bunch of little matches made in heaven. While I embarked on my first quest to draw and sew a tiny doll pattern, she practiced her first face-ups on a doll we adopted second-hand. The rest is history. 

Now that we've gotten more immersed in the hobby, it's our goal to provide aesthetic services and make clothes and accessories that we would love having at prices we can pay. We all know this hobby can be quite expensive - ranging from overseas shipping charges to just the dolls themselves! We want to deliver quality goods that are handmade, aesthetics that are hand-painted, all lovingly detailed and affordable to just about anyone. 

So here we are almost ten years later! We've gone through many ups and downs, hard knocks and really important lessons about having a side-business and working with customers. We like to think that everything we've experienced, both good and bad, has helped us be better to those who have supported us and those who have yet to find us. We also like to think of this as less of a business and more of doing what we love so that other people can love it too. 

We hope that you'll stay for a while, peruse our creations, maybe give us a follow on Instagram for some dolly shenanigans. We hope you'll reach out and share your BJDs with us and we hope we'll see you at one of the conventions we're able to participate in. 

Thank you for visiting us!
~Rikka & Sylvyr